Just like any other Artist with a dope record surfacing…. TJ will be working on a dope visual to represent the record. But she didn’t wanna make this the typical song and video release. “Uptown Girl” is a very catchy tune indeed!! However, there’s a wonderful message behind the record as well. A message that most Women in power can relate to. As Tammi so intelligently quoted in one of her recent Instagram captions: “You do not have to be from Uptown to be a (Uptown Girl). It’s a sense of fashion, a lifestyle, an upbringing, demeanor, aura, etc…. so if u out here doing ya thing! Holding down ya Man. Taking care of the fam. Taking trips on ur own expense. Maintaining a good credit score. Keeping it classy, fly, even hood! As long as u do it with integrity. Then U TOO can be an Uptown Girl”.

So with that said, Tammi decided to embark on this (UPTOWN GIRL CAMPAIGN) which is a movement she started to simply uplift and empower other women. Especially women who wear multiple hats, but don’t get enough credit for their due diligence. And ladies all you have to do to be a part of this movement/campaign is: {Do a 30 second video stating your name. Where you are from. What you do for a living and why you consider yourself to be an Uptown Girl} THAT SIMPLE!……  ANY female is welcome to join this campaign,  so don’t feel as if you can’t join because you don’t think you fit the description.  Like Tammi said, “EVERY GIRL HAS A LITTLE UPTOWN IN HER”.





Then wait for a confirmation email.


Tammi Jean drops the 2nd single off of her
soon to be released LP Tilted “Uptown Girl”. 
Much like the 1980s Billy Joel release. It’s melodic, repetitive hook pulls you right in! 
Only differfence is Tammi gives us 2 crazy ass verses and a anthem like Bridge. This is definitely the new female anthem for not just women from “Uptown” where Tammi is from. But for any woman who holds down her Man, takes care of her business, and secures her BAG. 
“Uptown Girl” Prod by @G5_gav Available on all media outlets. 

Looks like TJ has a new single on the way!!!

Today she shared a few sexy pics from her most recent photo shoot. And it looks like these may be promo photos for her soon to be released “Saucy” record, produced by “Benny Wonder”. There is no release date yet, but we impatiently awaits….
Here are the photos from her shoot.

Tammi Jean will be hitting the stage at (Johnny Brenda’s) with Frankie Vado, as the headlining act. Also… Joey Stix, Jordan Brown, Dolores and DJ Castro.
The show goes down on January 12th.
You can purchase tickets below